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Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Oliver König in a fighting stance, delivering a punch to another man's chin with a clenched fist.

EWTO – Home of WingTsun

Martial arts, reloaded: join us to discover the evolution of WingTsun.

Grandmaster Guiseppe Schembri in a combat stance with 2 sabers, in a defensive posture against a stick attack.

The intelligent art of self-defence

Based on Yip Man’s Hong Kong style, the classic martial art of WingTsun was first popularised in Europe by Prof. Kernspecht. It’s largely based on three pillars – learning the form, incorporating it into Chi Sao exercises and then using it for self-defence and in combat.

Confidence in every situation: learn to defend yourself and become physically fitter, more mindful and more self-assured with WingTsun.

Around 10-year-old girl in a clear defensive posture with arms outstretched forward and a raised finger.

Getting fit, have fun, and learn values with Kids-WingTsun

With Kids WingTsun, children (6-12 years) can build self-confidence and discover that treating others with respect is a sign of strength.

2 men and 1 woman are looking directly into the camera. All 3 are wearing fist guards and have their arms raised in a fighting position.

Wing Tsun to the Max

Discover EWTO’s revolutionary innovation. Experience our advanced training system that makes traditional WingTsun fit into modern life while focusing on fast-paced fighting skills. Our accompanying smartphone app offers a seamless combination of on-site sessions and self-study – for effective training, any time, anywhere and even independently.

The perfect is the enemy of the good. And less is more.”

Grandmaster Professor Doctor Keith R. Kernspecht

Keith R. Kernspecht

Grandmaster, martial arts professor and father of WingTsun in Europe

Grandmaster Professor Doctor Keith R. Kernspecht

The land of styleless stickyness

Prof. Dr. Keith Kernspecht has been learning and teaching WingTsun for over 63 years. The result is “Magic Hands”, a combination of combat logic, biomechanics and energy theory, enriched with wrestling elements, Kyokushin full contact karate and 10 internal styles. This essential approach doesn’t require the learning of fixed movements or follow a style and is therefore an excellent close combat extension for boxers and grapplers, as well as for those who practise aikido, karate, tai chi and chi gung.


Superior Gear

Martial arts literature and WingTsun equipment for members and enthusiasts.

WingTsun Master Shirt in white-red and black focus mitts.