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Grandmaster Professor Doctor Keith R. Kernspecht

“When it comes to execution, one must never lose sight of the meaning, goal, task and function of the movement.”

The pioneer of WingTsun

Learn from Prof. Dr. sc. Keith R. Kernspecht, the pioneer of WingTsun, EWTO founder and revolutionary of the European martial arts scene.

Professor Doctor Keith R. Kernspecht in a suit, standing in front of a microphone at a lectern.

The science behind WingTsun

From fighter to professor

Benefit from the experience and expertise of Keith R. Kernspecht, who has successfully evolved WingTsun from martial art to academic discipline.

Train with the WingTsun legend

Let yourself be inspired by Prof. Dr. Keith Kernspecht’s impressive martial arts skills and improve your own WingTsun technique.

10th master degree in WingTsun
9th Dan Kyokushin Karate
9th Dan Budo
6th degree escrima
3rd Dan Aikido
2nd Dan Judo
Master of Yi Lik Kuen

Self-defence, tried and tested

Take advantage of the EWTO’s highly effective WingTsun system, passed on by Grandmaster Kernspecht to elite units all over the world.