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The ultimate system for close combat and inner strength. Consciousness and mental presence.

The highest form of WingTsun

63 years of martial arts excellence: Dr Keith Kernspecht presents “Magic Hands” – a unique, standalone self-defense system and valuable close combat addition for various martial arts and combat sport styles.

Train with the WingTsun legend

Let yourself be inspired by Prof. Dr. Keith Kernspecht’s impressive martial arts skills and improve your own ChiSao technique.

10th master degree in WingTsun
9th Dan Kyokushin Karate
9th Dan Budo
6th degree escrima
3rd Dan Aikido
2nd Dan Judo
Master of Yi Lik Kuen

The highest form of WingTsun


Drawing from over 63 years of martial arts experience gained by the European father of WingTsun.
Incorporates elements from wrestling, Kyokushin full-contact karate, and 9 inner styles.


Magic Hands combines 9 inner styles, yet it is not a style itself.

This makes this method unpredictable even against skilled opponents.

Based on

Combat logic
Organic biomechanics
Energy principles

Magic Hands as an enhancement of close combat

For WingTsun students

Perfect your ChiSao through Magic Hands

Achieve the highest level of sensitivity and sticky hands in Chi Sao for an unbeatable advantage. Sense your opponent’s intentions before the strike. And arm yourself with lightning-fast reflexes, immunity to deceptive maneuvers and so much more.

For every martial art

Optimize your close combat abilities

Magic Hands is no style, making it an excellent close combat addition for boxers, grapplers, Aikidoka, karate practitioners, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong enthusiasts.

Sports medicine & physiotherapy

Internalise the biomechanical principles

Our instruction is rooted in ancient insights into nature and the body. Instead of memorizing sequences of movements, it focuses on the situational and functional essence. In its practical application, the laws of biomechanics and energy are internalized.

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