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Master Sifu André Sonntag

Sifu André Sonntag

6th Master degree

EWTO Leadership Team

School(s) in: Dänischenhagen, Altenholz, Schleswig, Kappeln

School Owner since: 2003



WingTsun is for me an attitude towards life – A Way of Life!

Why did you start with WingTsun?

Since I was 5 years old, martial arts inspired and fascinated me. I trained a few types and at about 12 years old I came across WingTsun for the first time. That was in 1988, when my brother and a few friends got lessons from a friend in his basement room. I was then taken by my brother and was allowed to join in among the big guys -, they were 5 – 10 years older than me. It was great, but at that time I didn’t know exactly what was behind it. After two to three years of training, this group unfortunately disbanded and I devoted myself to my professional training, weight training and other martial arts, until I then met my SiFu Peter Thiejte in September 2001 at the Pirate Days in Eckernförde, because my brother (again) had started with my best friend with WingTsun in Eckernförde and introduced him to me there. I was at the time just kickboxing in Kiel. When my brother introduced me and told this, SiFu invited me nevertheless immediately to the introduction discussion for WT, since that would be much better and more effective. I accepted the invitation and was there the following week for the introductory meeting and the trial training. And again WingTsun cast its spell on me. I was so fascinated by this martial art with its focus on self-defense that I signed up for the all-inclusive training right after a few weeks of training. From now on I trained WingTsun almost every day. For me WingTsun is the smartest and morally best self-defense system there is. I had finally (re)found what I was looking for or needed.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

Because I am addicted to it. Because WingTsun goes on and on and never stops and because we have our Grandmaster Kernspecht, who is always researching WingTsun further and always inspires us anew and carries us away into the fascinating world of the WingTsun principle! And because I can pass it on and help other people with it. WingTsun is not a profession for me, but a mission.

What was your standout WT experience?

There were so many outstanding experiences in WingTsun that would be worthy to be mentioned here. The last event was certainly to have been appointed master in 2016 at the 40th anniversary celebration in Hockenheim. Before that, the appointment as Sifu. My first lecture as a leadership lecturer in front of about 200 school leaders. Moving into my first own training rooms. Many great trainings and executions with my SiFu Peter Thietje. One I can still remember very well. WingTsun on plum blossom stakes on a stage with fireworks and everything. I had probably only the 7th or 8th student degree. The first private lesson with GM Kernspecht is also a never forgotten experience. Everything still hurts me now when I think about it. The examination for the 12th student degree and the 1st teacher degree, the first lessons I gave alone as an instructor, was also a very great experience. Wow, what has already happened. I am looking forward to the future in WingTsun. I think there will be very, very many outstanding experiences to follow!

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

The one was, I needed a new goal, because the 5th MG was my goal at that time and the 1st teacher degree “only” an intermediate goal and the other was that I thought at that time at the 1st teacher degree: “Wow, what you already have so on it, is really cool. How must that be then only a few higher degrees further as a master? That must be really awesome! I really need to find out!” And now I know it and I didn’t exaggerate with my ideas at that time. It is simply the hammer!

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