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Master Sifu Reiner Grothe

Sifu Reiner Grothe

8th Master degree

School(s) in: Hanover, Garbsen

School Owner since: 1989



I see WingTsun as living Taoism – embracing change and being in tune with it; as in training, so in life, often being open, but sometimes being closed.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

At the age of 13, I was beaten up very badly – without warning or reason – and I had no chance to fight back at that time. I wiped the blood and tears from my face and started learning martial arts. That had been the last time I lost.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

WT has become a part of my life and over the years I have made a lot of friends in the EWTO [family].

What was your standout WT experience?

There were a few. At a young age, I was looking for confirmation that I was good at what I do. Like my SiFu …

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

Becoming a master is easy, being a master is hard. A master has nothing to prove to himself or others.

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