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Master Harald Freytag

Harald Freytag

5th Master degree

Taught in: Wiener Neustadt (A) in the school of Peter Zass



WingTsun means for me constant development on all levels, not only in terms of self-defense.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

As a big Bruce Lee fan, I started with WT because he also learned WingTsun as his first style before developing his JeetKuneDo.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

… because I still enjoy it – just like on the first day!
 … because WT has exceeded my expectations – which were by all means great – by far in all these years! Especially thanks to my SiFus K.R. Kernspecht, who proves to me from year to year, every time I think I have now seen and trained everything and no more increase seems possible, that WT is a living style that never stands still and is constantly evolving.

What was your standout WT experience?

There are many outstanding experiences in my WT career, but one of the most formative was when my SiFu showed me the last BartChamDao movement in Italy, at home in his front yard. At the time I was still thinking, “Now you’ve learned the whole system and all you have to do is grind in the movements by constant repetition.” Thank goodness that wasn’t the case – I hadn’t counted on SiFu! A year later, he showed me a completely different way of moving and training than I had known up to that point. He doesn’t stick to dogmas, but questions his art every day to give it a new face again and again and to go one better! Of course, then many movements no longer look like classic WT, other skills are developed, the perspective changes. But most important: It is extremely effective!

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

When I received the 1st MG, the joy was immense to have now completed the student programs and to be able to learn the higher techniques from now on, knowing that I was now ready for them.
 When I received the 5th MG, I did not have the feeling that one thing was completed, but that my WT was just being reinvented. I was thus again at the beginning of something “brilliant”. The examination to the 5th MG I felt completely different than all examinations before. Sifu tested now my abilities and not programs or techniques. He wanted to see how I moved and said, “Being able to fight alone is not enough for a master – it must also be effortless!”. That changed my understanding of WingTsun fundamentally. Thank you for that, dear SiFu!

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