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Master DaiSifu Kaan Firat

DaiSifu Kaan Firat

6th Master degree

Kaan Firat, called “SiFu” by his students, has practiced all kinds of martial arts and self-defense methods from an early age. For example, he earned the 1st Dan in karate and the title of German champion in Thai boxing. He also successfully participated in weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions.

Since 1995 he has been training in WingTsun and in 1996 he joined the EWTO (European WingTsun Organization), the int. association that was the first to introduce Wing Chun and WingTsun in Germany in the 1970s.
With the 11th SG he finally changed for personal reasons to the association of the students of the sons of Yip Man, where he brought it to many honors, which culminated in the fact that GM Sam Kwok, the master student of the Yip Man sons, awarded
him the master degree (5th teacher degree) in 2016.

Then it happened that he met again his former WingTsun instructor of the EWTO, who took him to their common SiFu (chin. father/teacher) University Prof. em. Dr. Keith Kernspecht 10th Grandmaster and head of the EWTO. There Master Kaan Firat had the unique opportunity to test his skills and power on the 75-year-old Grandmaster, experiencing the shock of his career: he did not have the slightest chance to apply any technique, the Grandmaster, who has an experience of over 60 years of martial arts, was able to control him all the time effortlessly and friendly smiling. There is a video of this on Master Kaan’s FaceBook account at the link: 

Since then, Kaan followed his GM Kernspecht everywhere, tried his hardest and learned the new and different program faster than average due to his talent, strength and fighting power and last but not least his previous education.

He himself wrote about it on his Facebook page:

“Now I have been with my SiFu Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht for a year, and in that 1 year I have already learned so much more about wing chun than I have otherwise in twenty years. Especially his inner WingTsun (ChiSao Kuen) is insane. With that he can stop me from any movement at the very first touch. My muscles don’t help me at all with him, because he doesn’t give me a chance to use them. And the nice thing is, I can do the same with others by now. Every time I take a class, I get amazed and feel like a baby. And that’s great and makes me happy, because I learn so much every time.”

GM Kernspecht, the man who brought Wing Chun and WingTsun to Germany, has developed a unique program of the so-called “Sticking Hands”, which he teaches under the name “ChiSao Kuen” to his master students, and only when Kaan Firat learned parts of this ingenious program, which is based on combat logic and organic biomechanics, he recognized over a year later Sifu Kaan Firat also in his int. federation, the EWTO, as a “real master of WingTsun”.

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