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Master Sifu Oliver Krumme

Sifu Oliver Krumme

5th Master degree

School(s) in: Bochum

School Owner since: 2000



WT, Escrima and ChiKung connect body and mind and form a powerful resource on a physical and psychological level.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

I started with WT in 1995. At first, the aspect of self-defense was the focus for me in WT. A big goal at that time was the 1st teacher degree, learning the higher forms (BiuDjie and wooden dummy form) and of course the 5th MG. In the meantime, as a 5th MG, our forms as well as the solo exercises from iWT are in the foreground for me. With each execution I get to know my body better and work on a fluent change between tension and relaxation and its implementation. Escrima was for me a meaningful addition to unarmed WT, with the fun with the weapon in the foreground.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

I still practice ChiKung, WT and Escrima after 21 years. Actually every day! It gives me great pleasure to pass on this martial and movement art to people. The contact to my teachers, training partners and students is very important to me, but time-wise not always realizable. In every class I learn more and can work on my own skills. The development in WT is breathtaking. WT has never become boring and we have GM Kernspecht to thank for that.

What was your most outstanding WT or Escrima experience?

Two outstanding events for me were meeting GM Kernspecht and GM Newman. They are two impressive personalities from whom I still want to learn a lot. They are people who have dedicated their lives to martial arts and its advancement or exploration.
 An exorbitant event was the appointment of the 5th MG in Hockenheim 2013 by GM Kernspecht.
Other unforgettable events were the private tutorials with GM Leung Ting, the appointment as Sifu, the first contact with my mentor and teacher Jörg Kilian, the individual/small group lessons with GM Kernspecht as well as the all-inclusive training back then at Schloss Langenzell to the 4th HG by GM Schrön.

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

I feel proud every time I receive a certificate. Proud of myself and grateful to the people who walked the path with me. The 1st TG was then a new WT way of life: the red stripes on the pants, the change from student to teacher. It was the same with the 5th MG: the acceptance into the master team, the red t-shirt. And it was a great feeling to teach in my own school for the first time with the master’s clothes. Nevertheless (even as a master) I am still a student who has a lot to learn and work on!

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