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Master Sifu Oliver Kunze

Sifu Oliver Kunze

6th Master degree

School(s) in: Strausberg (near Berlin)

School Owner since: 1998



WingTsun – personal development on a physical and also mental level with a martial arts system that is effective, flexible and well thought out.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

Because in 1990 I was in a “comparison” with a WT-ler at the end with my JiuJiutsu and Shotokan-Latin and I wanted to learn this system then absolutely. The atmosphere of the Kreuzberg WT school and my teacher took the last doubts away from me: then as now an open, friendly teaching atmosphere and a great team.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

I found a great teacher back then in Sifu Hayo Zuber, who still challenges and encourages me tirelessly today. I enjoy teaching my instructors and students and seeing how they progress and how our WT academy grows. I also get excited about the versatility and evolution of our WT system as taught by my SiFu GM Kernspecht. He continues to amaze me. WT is fun for me and I can well imagine growing old with it – both with my teacher in Berlin and with my students in Strausberg.

What was your standout WT experience?

There were several: To be successful in fights, to realize surprisingly after some time that a lot of things work out (when teaching) that I had almost despaired of when practicing. There were some situations in which I reacted attentively and intuitively thanks to WT and was thus able to avoid/prevent car accidents, other stupid situations or injuries. Every higher degree that the WT Academy Strausberg produces is also a highlight for me.

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

At that time – 1998 – the 1st TG was quite a big deal, as there were only a handful of 4th Technikergrade with an eye on the top. I was as proud as an oskar then. The 5th MG was a milestone for me. It was as far away as Mars at that time. Then all of a sudden, after many, many years of work, it was there and threw me into a frenzy of joy once again. At the 1st TG, I was prouder. By the 5th MG, I was especially proud of my students and even more grateful to my teacher. Also many thanks to my SiFu and the other grandmasters at this point.

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