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Master DaiSifu Roy Schirdewahn

DaiSifu Roy Schirdewahn

7th Master degree

Master of Sport Pedagogy (University of Plovdiv/BG)

Specialist EWTO violence prevention

School(s) in: Lübeck, Hamburg, Ahrensburg, Groß Steinrade, Stockelsdorf, Bad Schwartau, Neustadt, Bad Segeberg, Bad Oldesloe, Bad Bramstedt, Rendsburg, Mölln, Ratzeburg

School Owner since: 1993



WingTsun is a special combination of self-defense, health, fitness, fun and personal development, which inspires me day after day.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

I started practicing WingTsun daily in 1988 because the easy and quick self-defense skills were as appealing as they were important to me at the time.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

Over the years, many other aspects have then been added. In particular, it gives me great pleasure to help other people sustainably with WingTsun and EWTO violence prevention. This quickly became from a hobby to a profession, a vocation and a life’s work.

What was your standout WT experience?

In the many years in the EWTO there were many outstanding experiences. These include, of course, the all-inclusive training at Langenzell Castle, the appointments as Sifu and DaiSifu, the three courses of study and degrees in Bulgaria, the creation and spreading of EWTO violence prevention, the acceptance as a private student of my SiFu and much, much more. Basically, every WingTsun session, whether as a teacher or a student, is a very special experience. The passed exams to the 1st HG and 5th MG are also to be mentioned in this context.

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

The examination for the 1st then still technician degree took place for me in 1995. It was an important step paired with the feeling “Welcome to the club”. But it was also immediately clear to me that this was no reason to rest on the graduation, but that the learning now really began. I was able to complete the exams for the 5th degree in 2008. These were very special moments, because I was able to complete all the exams in private lessons with SiFu and therefore always got the undivided attention and countless corrections.
 Every exam, every graduation is of course a very special event for the moment, but shortly after it is actually just another small step on a long path. I will continue this way with a lot of joy and motivation. The many great developments within the EWTO contribute very much to the fact that it becomes more and more exciting to go this way.

When other people are excessively looking forward to their retirement and can hardly wait to retire, the WingTsun master never wants to stop practicing his WingTsun. SiFu GM Kernspecht is a really great role model in this respect and it is a great pleasure and honor to be able to follow him.

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