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Master Sifu Rudolf Hoffmann

Sifu Rudolf Hoffmann

5th Master degree

School(s) in: Hanover-Linden

School Owner since: 2005



For me, WT means to implement the principle of unintentional action, that is, to live presently.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

I started because I was fascinated by effective self-defense.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

Because WingTsun still means fun and challenge for me.

What was your standout WT experience?

My two-hour exam for the 5th master degree with GM Kernspecht on Tenerife. That was a hammer.

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

Both exams were milestones for me on my WT path. The difference with the 5th master degree is that the training partners, friends and colleagues are distributed across Germany and in neighboring countries. I also had the special honor to receive the certificate at the 40-year celebration, at the festive evening for the long-time members. A wonderful experience!

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