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Master Sifu Thilo Hermann

Sifu Thilo Hermann

5th Master degree

School(s) in: Münsingen

School Owner since: 1997



WingTsun or Escrima mean to me constant change and yet a certain perseverance in a cycle that enriches my body in harmony with balance and flexibility and thus facilitate me on my way the decisions, the right action in any situation.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

In my childhood I was looking for extraordinary methods to gain a healthy self-confidence. This was not always easy, because some situations can not always be clarified only by words. After a few taster days at WingTsun lessons, I was actually already infected with the virus that I did not quite like.

Why are you still doing WingTsun or Escrima?

Since, as is well known, the way is the goal and I, too, was allowed to discover with joy in the past years what WT has given me and my body in physical and mental sensation, I can only continue and enjoy this wonderful path for me healthy and cheerful. The most beautiful thing about Escrima is that we can achieve our goals with a small weapon and also with a big one or with a moving weapon. We can use any kind of weapon because we have the ability to switch from one tool to another.

What was your standout WT experience?

The outstanding experience for me was the training at Langenzell Castle. Every week I learned something interesting, at a time when the guest masters showed their own interpretation of WT every Thursday.

What changed for you when you received the 1st HG or 5th MG?

My skills have improved in every way as opposed to before. “The older we are, the younger our WT becomes.” Quote from Serdar Batmaz

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