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Master Sifu André Walther

Sifu André Walther

5th Master degree

School(s) in: Peine and Braunschweig

Trainer since: 24.04.2005


Why did you start with WingTsun?

I used to train Judo and JuJutsu with friends before. However, that was all more oriented towards competition, and we wanted to learn realistic self-defense. So, when a WT school opened in Peine, we all switched there.


Why do you still practice WingTsun?

For many reasons, but the most important one is simply that I still enjoy it after almost 30 years.


What was your outstanding WingTsun experience?

There have been several, like the HG weeks in Heidelberg, the leadership seminars, seminars in Mallorca, Sifu appointment… But not just because it’s the most recent, my examination for the 5th HG, especially the final exam.


What was the difference for you when you received the 1st HG compared to the 5th HG?

The 1st HG felt like a major achievement. Up to that point, all my teachers had only achieved the 2nd HG, so reaching the 1st HG was a huge goal. But as I continued training with other practitioners and especially masters after becoming a 1st HG, it changed. It became about aspiring to the ease and mastery of the higher-ranked practitioners.


What do you particularly like about it?

That WingTsun can be quickly learned for self-defense, but also that it never gets boring and there’s always room for improvement.


How do you see your own development?

A constant evolution, but without pressure or force.


How has WingTsun influenced your life?

It’s been a challenge to constantly improve. Practically, it led to buying a house with my wife where we have the school downstairs and live with our children upstairs. And in the summer, students are allowed to train in our garden. So, it has influenced me greatly, as I integrate my students into my life, making it more than just teaching somewhere in a gym.


Was all of this planned or would you do something differently today?

Nothing was planned. Looking back, there were many situations that could have led me to quit WT when I was still in the student grades. Teachers quitting, sudden changes in leadership because the school was sold, and many more reasons. Would I do things differently? Not consciously. In each situation, I could have reacted or acted differently, but since we don’t know what would have resulted, it’s pointless to dwell on it. Instead, it’s better to learn from it and do better in the future or authentically explain to the next generation how to avoid the mistakes made.


What are your WingTsun goals for the future? What are you looking forward to?

Continuing to learn and teach with the same enthusiasm and motivation!


What advice would you give to your students?

Always keep having fun with it! 🙂

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