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Master Sifu Tim Herbertz

Sifu Tim Herbertz

5th Master degree

Taught in: Neuss with Stefan Fiege



WingTsun means to me nothing more and nothing less than a vehicle to one’s own self; through the fight against others we reach the fight against ourselves, there beginning with self-knowledge to self-mastery to self-conquest we complete our human being.

Why did you start with WingTsun?

I joined the EWTO in 1995 – driven by the “increased need for security” typical for young men – and in a roundabout way found my teacher, Sifu Stefan Fiege, in the WT Academy Neuss in 1999 and became his private student.

Why are you still doing WingTsun?

If the question of self-defense skills was the reason for joining the EWTO and the guiding principle throughout, a secondary benefit grew over the years as I was increasingly exposed to the basic ideas of the underlying philosophical schools and ideas. This became more and more important for life and professional development as the years went by. WingTsun thus found its way into everyday life in a certain way and for this reason alone I can no longer imagine life without it.
 I am a physiotherapist by profession and therefore have the luxury of being able to practice WT out of passion, without the pressure that comes from a commercial teaching business. Of great interest to me is the intersection of both fields of knowledge, which I have been dealing with for years in the context of my theoretical work.

What was your standout WT experience?

In the last 21 years I experienced many great or moving moments; besides achieving various graduations, the appointment as “Sifu of WingTsun” by Grandmaster Kernspecht in April 2006 was certainly a special moment. Nevertheless, I would like to deliberately mention as the greatest moment a seminar with Werner Popp, which he held in 2004 for the students of the first master’s course in Wiesenbach and which we were allowed to attend as Trainer4 course participants. The topic was “Zen Buddhism in the Martial Arts” and Werner Popp opened for me at that time for the first time the access to the broad field of Far Eastern ways of thinking.

The achievement of the first HG, which at that time was still called 1st teacher degree, was certainly a milestone that many worked towards without being clear about its significance. For me at that time the description from SiGung Leung Ting’s “WingTsun Kuen” was the orientation, we did not have much more as orientation.
 I never dreamed of being a master at that time. I was much too busy with external characteristics and differences in some forms. But that changed over the years and so graduations became more secondary. Today I consider them as a kind of test of character. To prepare a performance at a certain time and to call it off in the presence of an examiner keeps the student alive in me and keeps me from resting on what I have achieved. Thus, in 2012, I went through the practical parts of the exam for the 5th MG with a completely different understanding and inner attitude than I had at the time of the 1st HG.

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